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Make your clients feel valued and cared for with our comprehensive services engagement platform.

Empower your team by automating tasks, securely collecting information, automated evidence monitoring, and build trust with foolproof processes.

Client Onboarding

Create a positive start to your client relationship, and track the onboarding journey from start to finish. Automatically assign roles and responsibilities with templates to smooth and streamline the kickoff process.

Client Onboarding Timeline
Client Dashboard

Personalized Portal

Provide a branded and bespoke experience for each of your clients with a portal. Engage your customers and staff with dashboards, dynamic content and a centralized place to manage everything for each project.

Project Plan

Create detailed and accountable project plans with automated task templates, dependencies and reminders with in-email task completion.

Accountable project plan tasks, reminders and emails
Collaborative editing

Report Generation and Collaboration

Utilize practice-wide report template libraries to create and manage branded report templates with our drag-and-drop report builder. Merge any data into reports to quickly auto generate any report of compliance. Provide collaborative editing and commenting with your client to quickly review and finalize reports.

Dashboards and Analytics

Deliver insights to your clients and teams with actionable dashboards. Create powerful analytics to track everything from progress, assessment status, gap analysis and more.

Create powerful dashboards
Build your own your own questionnaires

Information Collection

Utilize our library of dynamic questionnaires or customize and create your own questionnaires to match with frameworks or compliance programs. Provide your clients with a secure place where they can provide information and evidence in minutes.

Policy Management

Provide value-add service to your clients with policy lifecycle management through policy sign-off and compliance, versioning and control mapping. Assure that your client's employees are always up to date on policies.

Security Posture Management
Frameworks with Cross Mapped Controls

Cross Mapped Controls

Provide instant visibility across 100's of compliance frameworks - SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, HITRUST, FedRAMP, CMMC...

Cyber-Secure App Platform

No more silo'ed data and applications. Quickly automate any process with our drag-and-drop workflow engine. Create integrations and full business-line solutions to provide a single integrate source of truth for your practice.

What our customers are saying...

“With Emgage Audits, our client on-boarding and auditing time was reduced by at least 75%.”​

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Josephine K. SOC Operations Manager | Doyle Group