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Automate Your Cybersecurity Services

Create more business and deliver all your cybersecurity services faster with one centralized automated platform

Manual Work Doesn't Have to Drain Your Team

How many tools are you manually duct taping together to provide cybersecurity services to your customers?
Every day, as you are managing increasing workloads, you're stuck with the same old manual processes.

Based on our research, you are spending an average of

97 Hours

on 1 manual evidence collection


73 Hours

on 1 manual report


x 200+ Clients

with whom you are sending back-and-forth emails to get the information you need.


There must be a better way.

"Our client on-boarding and auditing time was reduced by at least 75%."

Josephine K.
SOC Operations Manager, Doyle Group

All of Your Cybersecurity Services, Automated

Deliver Services in a Fraction of the Time


Centralized Control Data

No more data silos and spreadsheets. Provide a centralized system of record to collect evidence, organize controls and manage all automated or manual measures in secure and flexible platform.

Automate Your Cybersecurity Service Workflow

Eliminate manual processes. Use our pre-built workflows for assessments, audits, remediation, exceptions, control measurements... or use our visual drag-and-drop designer to customize or build your own elaborate workflows across the entire service lifecycle.


Simplify Your Customer Onboarding and Project Portal

No more scattered client onboarding emails. Quickly onboard your customers with a personalized portal and role assignments. Instantly compile project scope by selecting frameworks and controls to generate dashboards, tasks, questionnaires and automated measures. Provide full project visibility at granular or client level to stay on top of work.


A decade ago, I was a stressed out MSP.

My team and I were desperately trying to figure out better ways to manage all of the different tools our customers were handing us. It was taking too much time and energy to keep delivering value. 

Once we found the right tool, we were able to simplify our processes, deliver higher value, gain new streams of revenue, and grow our business. 

We started Emgage to help you take that same journey. Today, I love seeing MSPs, MSSPs, and CPA firms go from stressed out to freed up to do the kind of business they want to be doing.


Harout Katerjian
Head of Product

"This tool is revolutionizing our client experience. Client follow-up is normally very laborious, but with automatic reminders things got so much easier. Also, the auto-generated reports are fantastic and save us so much time."

Brandon D.
Director of Services, Murphy and Price

The Features

That Make It The World's Most Advanced Cybersecurity Service Automation Platform 

Cybersecurity App Platform
  • Centralize and map all incoming evidence against your common controls
  • Visual dashboards to show your customer where they are in their cybersecurity journey
  • Utilize the automation engine for batch work
  • Organize, communicate and collaborate with your teammates in your team hub
Client Portal
  • Quick & Seamless Client Onboarding
  • Compliance Dashboard 
  • Risk & Incident Dashboard
  • All Projects in One Place
  • Fully Customizable CMS
  • Optimized for Mobile and Desktop
  • Branded Portal for Each Client
Share of Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Bundle SaaS products for your clients based on frameworks
  • Earn monthly recurring revenue on SaaS products, offsetting your monthly fee
  • Finally get paid for the products that you manage for your customers
Framework Crosswalk
  • Support SOC2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, CMMC and more
  • Map Controls across Many Frameworks
  • Reduce duplicated work
  • Compliance Visibility into All Relevant Frameworks
  • Rapid Framework Assessment
Risk Register
  • Identify risk potentials across all your customers
  • Visually display your customer's security posture
  • Fulfill all regulatory compliances
  • Stay on top of potential problems that can disrupt your customers
Info & Evidence Collection
  • Templates for ‘System Description Survey’, ‘System Security Plan’, SIG, SCF, CAIG, HECVAT, SOC2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS and more
  • Create Intelligent Questionnaires to Collect any Information
  • Robust Data Model with 15 Question Types
  • Recycle prior year Assessments
  • Upload Evidence
  • Review and Approval Process
Report Generation & Collaboration
  • Auto-populate Report of Compliance
  • Create your own Report Template to Auto-populate
  • Drag-and-drop Data Fields onto Reports
  • Collaborative Editing and Annotations
  • Review and Approval
  • Report Signing
  • Integrate all of your cybersecurity remediation tools on one platform
  • Organize a seamless plug-and-play API architecture
  • Collaborate with teammates in achieving remediation
  • Visualize horizontal and vertical cybersecurity aspects across all of your customers
Tasks & Reminders
  • Automatic Assign Tasks and Due Dates during Onboarding
  • Manage Multiple Engagements per Client
  • Assign work for Controls, Questionnaires, Evidence and more.
  • Approvals and Milestones
  • Manage Blockers
  • Task Reminders with Prompts
  • Workflow Automation 
[Upcoming Features]
  • End-to-End MSSP Solutions
  • Policy Lifecycle Management
  • GRC Marketplace
  • Continuous Compliance
  • Incident Response


For small teams or a solo auditor working with a few frameworks.


/month (billed annually)

  • 2 Internal Users
  • 2 Concurrent Projects
  • $99/Additional Concurrent Project
  • 3 Frameworks
  • 400 MB File Storage

  • Report Generation
  • Questionnaires
  • Framework Crosswalk
  • Fully Extensible Platform


Everything your practice needs for cybersecurity compliance services.


/month (billed annually)

  • 30 Internal Users
  • 5 Concurrent Projects
  • $299/Additional Concurrent Project
  • 4 Frameworks
  • 2 GB File Storage

  • Everything in Solo, plus...
  • Client Portal
  • Report Collaboration
  • Custom Questionnaires
  • Policy Management
  • Integrations
  • SSO
  • Basic Tasks and Reminders


Custom support and enhanced capabilities for your unique needs.

Custom Pricing

  • Custom Users
  • Custom Concurrent Projects
  • Custom / Additional Concurrent Project
  • All Frameworks
  • Custom File Storage

  • Everything in Professional, plus...
  • Branding and Portal Customization
  • Remediation
  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Cost Management
  • Dashboards & Analytics
  • GRC Risk Register
  • Continuous Compliance
  • Incident Response
  • Resource Management

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