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Get More Clients & Automate Your Cybersecurity Services

Everything MSSPs, MSPs and Advisory firms need to supercharge their practice with a feature-rich service automation platform and get more clients with Cyber Connect marketplace to get more clients

Centralized Control Data

No more data silos and spreadsheets. Provide a centralized system of record to collect evidence, organize controls and manage all automated or manual measures in secure and flexible platform.

Centralized Data
Workflow Automation

Cybersecurity Service Workflow Automation

Eliminate manual processes. Use our fully customizable workflows for assessments, audits, remediation, exceptions, control measurements... use our visual drag-and-drop designer to customize or build your own elaborate workflows across the entire service lifecycle per engagement.

Simplify your customer Onboarding and Project Portal

No more scattered client onboarding emails. Quickly onboard your customers with a personalized portal and role assignments. Instantly compile project scope by selecting frameworks and controls to generate dashboards, tasks, questionnaires and automated measures. Provide full project visibility at granular or client level to stay on top of work.

Client Dashboard

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Overcoming the Five Biggest Challenges for MSSPs Today


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You don’t have to duct tape tools together in order to deliver value to your customers. Download this free eBook to learn how to integrate tools, retain the best talent, and generate recurring income as a successful MSSP.

What our customers are saying...

“Emgage client onboarding and audit automation is revolutionizing our client experience. Client follow-up is normally very laborous, but with automatic reminders things got so much easier. Also, the auto-generated reports are fantastic and save us so much time.”​

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Brandon D. Director of Services | Jacobson, Murphy and Price