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Emgage Knowledge Center TM​​​​​ White Papers​

​Let technology do the hard work

​Practical solutions when using SharePoint​ that will ​improve communication, collaboration, and productivity throughout your organization.

using sharepoint 


d A Complete Guide to Optimizing Your SharePoint Website

SharePoint websites have a bad reputation for being very difficult to optimize for search. This reputation is unfair. Read this white paper and discover the secrets to optimizing your own SharePoint Website. Learn:

  • ​​​The ethos behind search engine optimization
  • How to optimize any piece of SharePoint content
  • How to build links to your SharePoint content so that it gets ranked​​

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The Secret to Increasing Intranet Adoption

The secret to increasing intranet adoption is simpler than you might imagine. Read this comprehensive white paper on increasing Intranet adoption and improve the profitability throughout your organization though using SharePoint. The features include:

  • ​​​Dispel the common misconceptions in regards to Intranet Adoption
  • Identify the one thing that you must sort out if you want to see success
  • Get tangible solutions for building out your SharePoint Intranet

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