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6 Stepping Stones To Creating An Intranet Portal | By Emgage
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6 Stepping Stones to Creating An Intranet Portal

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​6 Stepping Stones To Creating An Intranet Portal ​​


Your Intranet portal shouldn't be seen as a project or a nice to have. It is a critical tool for massively improving your communication and collaboration. 

Webinar Highlights:

  1. Create an Intranet that solves big work problems. Technology is adopted when it makes life significantly easier for those who use it. Intranet portals succeed when they solve big work problems.

  2. ​​Your Intranet should function on personal, local and global levels. Communication occurs at several different levels, there is global messaging, team communication and collaboration and personal work.

  3. Make it mobile. Work is becoming increasingly mobile and virtual. Your Intranet portal needs to connect with people right where they are.

  4. Have a User first focus. Too often Intranets are functional but not user-friendly. When it is too difficult to use or when the navigation is clunky, your adoption rate suffers.

  5. Make your Intranet the central place for all communication. Great Intranet portals allow for messaging to be specifically targeted to it's audience.

  6. Make your Intranet look and feel like home. You should have the same pride in your Intranet that you have for your office space.

Best InfoPath Replacement“Having the ability to collaborate with any employee, anywhere was ​huge for driving user-adoption.”

— Bassam Alqassar, VP of Information Services & Technology, ​​Princess House​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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