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How to Build an Employee Intranet Portal That Everyone Loves

A webinar bought to you by Emgage and BA Insight​

​​How to Create an Employee Intranet Portal​ that Everyone Loves​

Emgage and BA Insight combine in this webinar to discuss the 7 critical elements that your employee intranet portal must have if you want your Intranet to add significant value to your business.​

The 7 critical elements include:

  1. Connectivity - Facilitate needed access to enterprise applications and internal experts.  If users aren't connected, then they'll never find what or whom they need.

  2. Look and Feel - Your employees are your first customers. Create an online home that increases their sense of belonging.

  3. Classification -  Ensure content is properly tagged on your employee intranet portal to increase findability.  Don't rely on users to do this manually.

  4. Navigation - Adoption suffers when people feel disconnected and lost. Great navigation makes things easy to find.

  5. Analytics - You might love your Intranet, but do your employees? Smart analytics allow you to gauge the activity on your Intranet Portal so that you can actually see what is working and what is not.

  6. Responsiveness - The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and virtual. If your employee Intranet doesn't function well on the mobile devices of your people, then there is a very good chance that they will not love it.

  7. Personalization -  Make your employee intranet portal feel like home. The reason we love the concept of home is typically because we feel like we belong, that it is unique, that it is relevant, and that it is ours. If your Intranet is not personalized, then users most likely won't own it or love it!

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Increasing Corporate Intranet Adoption Quote“Having the ability to collaborate with any employee, anywhere was huge for driving user-adoption.”

— Bassam Alqassar, VP of Information Services & Technology, Princess House​​​​​​​​​​​

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