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Deliver Amazing Business Solutions

Faster, Cheaper and With Lower Risk

With Emga​ge, you can dream of a world of delighted customers and happy employees. Through our connected app fabric, you can deliver business applications that evolve with your needs and stays within budget.

You don’t have to compromise between cost, quality, and speed. You can have it all!

Say goodbye to the old ways of buying or building software!

​You don’t have to choose between buying off-the-shelf software that requires a lot of customization to fit your needs or custom-built software that fits your needs at that moment but is very expensive, slow, and risk to implement.

It’s time for a new paradigm!

  • No more Rigid Processes
  • No more Outrageous Cost
  • No more Data Silos
  • No more Frustrated Users
  • No more Cybersecurity Fears

Ecosystem of Innovation​

​Emgage provides an ecosystem of apps tailor-made by experts for businesses just like yours, all built on our innovative Application Platform.

Each app harmoniously works with all the other apps. Your Accounting app talks with your Sales CRM so deals go from “closed” to “invoiced” in minutes.
Each app built on the Emgage Application Platform fits your precise needs while providing unlimited extensibility and flexibility to meet your future needs.
We have apps in every category:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Websites and Portals​
  • Case Management
  • and more..

Common Foundation

Our applications are built on the core of the Emgage Application Platform, a robust and integrated set of technologies that enables powerful capabilities so you can build or expand your applications while staying anchored to a common foundation.

Connected Applications

Each application stands on its own yet connects through our application fabric for seamless data integration, processes, and a consistent look and feel across all your applications.

Our flexible and scalable infrastructure will:

  • ​Rapidly Grow and Change with Your Needs
  • Prevent Data Siolos​
  • No Complexity

​No Bloatware

You pay for what you use and not for bloatware. Most business apps are made to address everyone’s needs and not necessarily yours. Unhelpful features add complexity and cost to your applications. With Emgage apps, you get a streamlined application that adapts to you and not the other way around.​ 
With Emgage apps you get:
  • Optimized Features Just for You
  • Only Pay for What You Use
  • Personalized User Experience

​No More DevOps Drain

Developing, deploying, and scaling business applications is complex. Emgage removes the overhead of Site Reliability and DevOps Engineers by dynamically:

  • Provisioning all Required Services
  • Maintaining High Availability
  • Monitoring, Enforcing, and Auditing Security
  • Scaling Services Up and Down Based on Demand

Rip and Replace

Got an old or expensive business solution that has taken you hostage? Most companies have on average of 12.5 solutions that they are stuck with and don’t have an easy way of replacing it. With the Emgage Application Platform, you can break out of your unhealthy relationship with legacy applications and greedy vendors. You can rip and replace an old solution in two to four weeks with our Application Platform and reduce your costs by as much as 80% and get more useful functionality your money ​​

​The Best Tech In The World

We continuously scour the world for the best technologies that could benefit you, be it amazing Open Source projects, API services, or proprietary technologies. We do the hard work​ of licensing, orchestrating, testing, securing, DevOps’ing (yep, that’s a word now), and integrating the tech into our Application Platform as App Services so you can easily add it to your app and have seamlessly work with everything else you have​

​Infinite Scaling and Cloud Agnostic

Well, maybe not infinite but pretty darn close. Our platform is hosted on the cloud of your choice: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or even on-prem. It’s a cloud-agnostic infrastructure that automatically scales up and down with your usage, so you’ll never have to worry about cloud vendor lockin-in​ or managing costs.​​​​​​​​

​See if for yourself

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