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A Fully Customizable Education Portal

Create a unique experience for your students, parents, and educators

There are thousands of educational institutions in the United States alone. All of them trying to offer a unique experience, and check all the boxes to make every part of a student’s lifecycle as impactful as possible. The competition is extreme, and this is not even counting all the schools abroad that are competing for the attention of your prospects. 

To offer that experience truly unique to your institution, it is crucial that you employ excellent means to manage the relationship with your prospects, students, and alumni. 
Emgage’s Education Portal is an end-to-end solution for universities and colleges to create a fully customized Portal for students and faculty. Providing an equitable and inclusive solution to increase engagement by helping your students discover services and engage with their programs at all levels. Built on top of our Application Platform, a powerful tool to drive digital transformation, centralize data management, and adapt to your growing needs with ease and security.

The Emgage Ed Portal

The Educational Journey of your students has never been so feature-packed and easy!

Customizable Intranet & Extranet

Easily create external, or internal websites with the latest events, videos, and important news notifications. All of this, in your institution’s very own branding and colors.

  • Intuitive Page builder with Drag and Drop Functionality.
  • Elaborate Search Features.
  • On-page News and Events Broadcasts.
  • Establish permission levels to provide varied access to Students and Faculty.
  • Supports all modern browsers and mobile devices.

Enhanced Branding

With Emgage’s unique branding capabilities you can quickly optimize the look of your brand across multiple devices. Our simple to use branding tools will make your site look great in every space without you having to spend costly time and dollars on consultants and developers.

Increase Engagement

Improve adoption with our instant personalization feature. With this feature, your website will automatically show your employees what’s personally relevant to them.

Each user has a personal view of alerts, announcements, meetings, events, tasks, workflows and, tickets relevant to their work. It doesn’t matter if the content lives in SharePoint lists, Microsoft Exchange, or even third-party support systems like ServiceNow. It is automatically presented to the user without any administrative overhead.


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