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HR Onboarding Automation
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HR Onboarding Automation

Accelerate your employee onboarding process while reducing risks and errors.

​​​​​​Recruiting, hiring, training, and managing new employees are some of the most complex business processes to automate because it touches every part of the organization, each of which may require different business rules. The good news for SharePoint users is that SharePoint also touches all areas of an enterprise. Can SharePoint become a platform for a comprehensive HR onboarding solution? Yes!

With Emgage TURBO, a powerful application development platform for SharePoint, companies can quickly and easily develop tools that streamline the HR business process throughout the employee lifecycle. TURBO allows companies to give users around the world the same tools regardless of what device they are using; standardize forms and processes; ensure accurate input; and accelerate hiring and time productivity.

Emgage TURBO dramatically simplifies SharePoint application development. Creating solutions requires little more than a click of the mouse, and the applications you create for employees are just as intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need to know how to code, and you don’t need an expensive team of consultants. You don’t even need to have a deep knowledge of SharePoint.

Complicated, slow, impersonal business solutions often go unused and much of the promised productivity gains are lost. An application can only succeed in making processes more efficient if employees use them. With TURBO, you can quickly get your application up and running, and deliver a solution that candidates, employees, managers and executives across the enterprise love to use.

Many TURBO users have their complete HR onboarding solution up and running in a week or two, and have reported accelerating the hiring process by as much as 75 percent. End users won’t even know that they are using SharePoint, as they only see a user-friendly interface that presents them with just the tools they need to perform their role in the onboarding process.

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