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Best Responsive SharePoint Intranet

​The Ultimate Digital Platform for Federal, State and Local Government

​With a long and proven history of partnering with Federal, State and Local Governments, the Emgage Digital Platform greatly reduces costs and improves the communication and collaboration throughout organizations.

​​​Government Intranet Portals ​


Leading the Way

From its inception in 2008, Emgage has partnered with Federal, State and Local Government to provide technology solutions that reduce costs and increase communication, collaboration, and productivity.

The Emgage Digital Platform works with an​​y version of SharePoint or O365, offering comprehensive mobile solutions from Intranets to Digital Tools.

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Responsive Government Portals 
Proven Results in Federal, State and Local

With 300,000 plus development hours invested in digital solutions for government, the Emgage Products significantly reduce the strain on Information technology departments.  They provide "no code" solutions for government intranets, forms and workflow allowing​ users to deploy in hours and to get a significant ROI in days. 

The Emgage Digital Work Platform has been used to successfully create Intranet portals for a variety of government organizations including Baltimore County, the City of Austin, San Francisco Housing Authority and many more. 

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Gov Portals 


​Government Intranet Portals

Some of the many advantages of using Emgage to create your Intranet Portal include:

  • Deploys within 2 hours - Get an ROI in less than a week

  • No code required - Brand your SharePoint or Office 365 sites and make them yours, quickly without writing a single line of code and without being constrained by the confines of a template

  • Powerful MegaMenus - An easy to use drag and drop menu builder allows your users to find what they are looking for quickly

  • 100% Responsive on all mobile devices - Give remote and virtual employees the access they need on smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

  • 10 + Success Hours and around-the-clock support - Your success is our success.



Working with Preferred ​Partners

Emgage partners with a number of different service providers, resellers and preferred vendors in a wide variety of countries and territories to meet the specific contractual​​​ needs of federal, state and local governments. 

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 Discover why Emgage is a leading technology provider for Federal, State and Local Governments