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Education Sector Technology
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​The Ultimate Digital Platform for the Education Sector 

​Tailored and packaged specifically for the Education Industry, the Emgage Prime ​Platform has allowed organizations to dramatically reduce their costs while simultaneously providing students with a superior learning experience.  

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Everyone is Using It

A long-standing industry leader in this sector; since 2008, Emgage has provided technology solutions to a wide variety of State Education Departments, Colleges, and Learning Institutions in North America, Europe and Australasia. 

With decreasing budgets and an ever increasing desire to provide your students with a superior learning experience, the Emgage Platform allows you to create mobile solutions that leverage big data insights at a fraction of the cost of in-house development.

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State Departments and School District Boards​

Since the recession of 2008 in the USA, we've seen an alarming 28% decrease in State Government funding for education. Parallel to this,​​ we've seen a massive shift towards government funded community colleges and universities.  One of the questions our clients have been asking is, "With decreased funding and increased demand how do we provide a quality education and college experience for our students?"

Emgage has answered this question for many organization including ​the Alabama Department of Education,  Arvin School Union, Montgomery County Public Schools by providing cost effective and timely solutions to meet the changing needs of students and teachers.

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​Meeting ESSA and NCLB Requirements

The Emgage Platform is a perfect fit for any​ organization looking to fulfil their Every Student Succeed Act​ (ESSA) requirements in creating an accountability system that supports students in their success after college. 

The Emgage Platform can help you:

  1. Create High School Public Report Cards. These allow you to focus on college and career-ready measures

  2. Align K-12, Higher Education and Workforce Goals. Set measurable goals that allow you to set targets for each phase of the education journey

  3. Include College and Career Readiness Measures in the Overall School Rating System. Create incentives for overall school improvements


​​​High Schools and Colleges

Customers as far reaching as UCLA, the Australian Pacific Technical College, and the University of Brighton have used the Emgage Platform to greatly reduce their costs and simultaneously increase the quality of their student's education experience.

With both On-Premise, Cloud and Office 365 solutions the Emgage Platform's focus is on providing mobile and big data solutions that increase the ability of an organization to connect and communicate with their students. ​

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 Discover why Emgage is the Education Sectors Leading Technology Provider​​