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How To Build An Intranet That Works | Emgage SlideShare
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H​ow to Build an Intranet that Works

The Best Intranet sites solve significant work problems for the end user.

​How to Build an Intranet that Works​

​​Your Intranet is a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and overall productivity.​​​ Don't believe the myth that if you simply build it they will come. Intranet adoption issues occur when you build an Intranet that doesn't solve the right problems.

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SlideShare Highlights:

  • Involve your Users in the Intrane​t building process, so that you can clearly identify where the major work problems are.

  • It is not enough to provide work solutions that are slight improvements on the old way of doing things. To build an Intranet that greatly increases productivity you must solve work problems in a massive way.

  • If you investing a large amount of time and money on increasing intranet adoption, then you need to re-examine the functionality of your Intranet. Low adoption is a symptom of an Intranet that is working.

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how to build an intranet that works“Having the ability to collaborate with any employee, anywhere was huge for driving user-adoption.”

— Bassam Alqassar, VP of Information Services & Technology, Princess House​​​​​​​​​

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