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Changing the way organizations use technology

Why Digital Transformation is Essential to Remaining Competitive in 2017

Evolve or die. Digital transformation is essential if your business is going to continue to thrive and grow in 2017.
Digital technology has radically transformed our world, but has your business been radically transformed by digital technology? Enjoy this SlideShare.

Highlight: See the Six key areas of focus for Digital Transformation

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Intranet Solutions - 6 Stepping Stones to Building a Comprehensive Portal

Your Intranet portal shouldn't be seen as a project or as something that is nice to have. It is a critical tool for massively improving your communication and collaboration. To transform your Intranet into an asset for your business, focus on the following 6 steps:

  • Create an Intranet that solves big work problems
  • Make sure that it functions on a personal, local and global level
  • Make it mobile
  • Have a User- first focus
  • Make your Intranet your central place for all communication
  • Make your Intranet look and feel like home
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​The Secret to Increasing Your Intranet Adoption Rate

The Internet is full of experts who claim to have the cure for your corporate intranet adoption rate. However, many of them are attempting to find the right solution for the wrong work problemTM.

  • Discover the number one reason why your adoption rates are low
  • Avoid wasting valuable resources solving the wrong problems
  • Increase your adoption rate and significantly improve your productivity

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About the Emgage Knowledge Center SlideShare

The Emgage Knowledge Center SlideShare is a collection of presentations where we dispel the myths behind technology and offer solutions that empower the user, allowing people to connect, communicate, and collaborate more effectively throughout your organization.

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