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ACORD’s website highlights the innate and often untapped power of your internet


What attracted me to Emgage was the product’s ability to quickly meet our needs without heavy, custom Website development that takes a considerable amount of resource. Our website is an example of what is possible with Emgage. — Peter Teresi, Vice President Standards and Technology

About the Company

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     ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development

     ACORD was founded in 1970. It is a global, nonprofit serving the insurance industry. They facilitate fast, accurate data exchange and more efficient workflows through electronic standards, standardized forms, and tools to support their use.



     ACORD’s website was not delivering the efficient and accurate kind of experience they desired. It was not responsive on mobile devices. Many of SharePoint’s native capabilities weren’t being leveraged and the site navigation was complex and clunky

     Using their product, Emgage created a gold standard example of what a website can be. Visually beautiful, accessible on any device, with a powerful navigation system that helps users find content.

     Critical website functionality was unlocked including calendaring and simplified data roll up. A User friendly mobile experience was created. There were significant improvements in content accessibility (navigation) and this led to greater member satisfaction with 50 percent more page views. Overall, Emgage’s approach in transforming ACORD’s website was 60 percent cheaper than the next best alternative.



ACORD’S case study is an excellent example of how an organization can unlock the power of Emgage and create a great website with a high quality application builder like Emgage Converge. If you are looking for a website example upon which to make your development decisions look no further than ACORD, it is a beautiful website made with a great application!