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SharePoint Social Media Features With Prime
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Prime's SharePoint Social media features

​SharePoint social media features that actually increase work productivity.

SharePoint Facebook and Twitter Web part 

Prime's SharePoint social media features allow your employees to connect around work without letting social media activity overtake key work functions.​​


Prime's SharePoint Social Media Features

Manage your SharePoint Intranet in a way that limits your employees access to pre-approved sources.

Prime's social media features allow you to:

  • Create and manage subscription lists to relevant social sites.
  • Managed Twitter feeds with our SharePoint Twitter web part.
  • Highlight specific Facebook feeds

These allow you to manage the social activity that occurs on your Intranet, highlighting specific and relevant activity that is both engaging and helpful to your employees. We have outlined more of these features in detail below.

SharePoint Twitter Web part 

Subscribe to Relevant Social Sites that Inform Work

Use Prime to subscribe your Intranet to relevant social media sites via RSS feeds. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to providing access to the kind of influences, both internal and external that you believe would be beneficial for your Users.

Featuring relevant social sites on your Intranet is useful because:

  • Showing marketing messages via social media, can increase employee awareness in regards to your brands, campaigns and external communications
  • Highlighting specific customer interactions increases internal awareness of the customer/client base
  • Providing a good mix of internal facing and external facing content, give employees a healthy overall perspective of your organization
  • It can encourage employees to interact and be part of the collective social voice of the organization, both internally and externally
  • Highlight and celebrate individual or team efforts within an organization to foster a sense of pride in the overall organization

Any social site that has a viable RSS feed can be used with our web part. It is super easy to set up and no coding is required.

SharePoint Twitter WebPart Explained 

Highlighting SharePoint Twitter Feeds

Highlight specific feeds on your SharePoint site with Prime's Twitter Web Part.

Choose the Twitter accounts of those who are both relevant and influential in the lives of your Users. They could be internal members of your organization, industry thought leaders, specific clients or customers.

Prime's SharePoint Twitter web part is extremely intuitive to use and easy to set up, merging perfectly into your fully branded site.


Highlighting SharePoint Facebook Feeds​​

Prime allows you to display specific Facebook news feed on your Intranet, so that your employees and end users can keep up with specific Facebook Page feeds on a daily basis.

Similar​ to SharePoint Twitter, choose Facebook pages that are relevant to your Users.

Because of the community centric nature of Facebook in many instances this will be your own company Facebook profile, in this instance it is a great way to engage your own internal users with the happening within your community. 

Additionally, you may wish to highlight key industry voices that will both inspire and assist your Users in their work.

​​SharePoint Facebook Web part

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