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For the Ultimate Navigation…

Your sites navigation should be intuitive and easy. Emgage Converge allows you the ability to create highly responsive menus that go far beyond the basic out-of-the-box features of most CMS’s

Congverge’s Enhanced Menu Options

Flexible menus enable more intuitive navigation with a drag-and-drop builder that allows site owners to create elegant menus that go beyond basic dropdown menus. Beautiful menus with tabs, section and multi media allow you to surface more content to users without cluttering navigation. Converge includes the following menu features:

  • Tiered Navigation Bars
  • MegaMenu and Tabbed MegaMenu
  • Drop Down Menu
  • MyLinks
  • Footer / Doormat 

The way you set up your sites navigation can play a critical role in helping Users solve major work problems more quickly. We’ve outlined each of these features below.

Tiered Navigation Bars

Emgage Converge offers you a multi-layered, tiered navigation system that gives both the organization and the user incredible site control. The navigation can be easily branded with our Emgage Stylizer (our branding tool) so that it has the look and feel that you are after. There are three different navigation bars plus the footer that can be customized with Converge.


Tier 1. Global Navigation across all sites

This allows you to connect all your collections together, in a universal and co-branded manner. This navigation is typically at the top.

Tier 2. Your Site Navigation

This is a consistent Navigation bar for your entire site. All your Users would typically see this bar. Again, with our Converge Product, navigation comes under permission control, you can set this up so only your site administrator can change this navigation.

Tier 3. Personal Navigation Bar

One of the keys to running a successful Intranet is to create a site which is flexible and intuitive enough to adapt to the User. Converge gives the User the freedom to create their own personal navigation menu (MyLinks), this allows them to find the tools that they need to do their work extremely quickly and efficiently.

Tier 4. Footer Navigation or Doormat

Converge’s unique Footer is often referred to as the doormat to your site(s). The metaphor of a doormat tells us that the footer is important when it comes to giving Users access to different parts of your site. One can think of it as a backdoor to interesting and unique parts of the site not accessible via the other navigation menus.

MegaMenu and Tabbed MegaMenu

Create incredibly powerful visual menus using Converge’s MegaMenu feature. It is super easy to use (just drag and drop).  Add sections and columns, customizing your menu to make your content easy to find. With the Converge MegaMenu you can can even add pictures and videos using our custom html tool. 

One of the most important features of Converge’s MegaMenu system is that it was built using modern responsive design principles, making your menus look beautiful on any device; desktop, tablet or mobile. 

A Better Menu

Many CMS menus are notoriously unreliable and jittery, typically obscuring content from the User under layers of flyouts. Not to mention most are also not mobile friendly. Converge offers you a much more stable Menu system that easily surfaces content on any device; desktop, tablet and mobile.


Converge offers you the ability to create MyLinks which essentially allows your users to create their own set of bookmark links that follow them around the site and are available for quick access any time.

The Converge Footer

Converge’s footer menu expands your navigation options by allowing Users to navigate from the bottom of the page. Also, without Converge’s footer, where are you going to put those key links and menu items that are useful but do not belong in any of your other navigation bars?

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