Landlord Resources

The San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) partners with over 3,500 landlords to provide affordable, decent, safe and sanitary housing for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program participants.

The SFHA utilizes to complete rent comparable studies for new units and annually for rent increases.

The service also allows tenants, landlords and SFHA to easily access information on available units. You can list your vacant units on by signing up here.
How to participate as a landlord in the HCV Program

  1.     List your property on or various other rental websites
  2.     Interview and screen prospective families
  3.     Select a family based on your screening criteria and fair housing law requirements
  4.     The family will provide you with the required Request for Tenancy Approval Form (RFTA) to be completed by you and the family.
  5.     The family submits the RFTA to the SFHA Office at 1815 Egbert Avenue.
  6.     The SFHA Leasing unit will contact you to request ownership documents.
  7.     Once all information is received, the HCV Inspection unit will schedule an inspection.
  8.     After the unit passes inspection and the move-in date is established, you and the family sign the lease and you will sign the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract.
  9.     After all documents are signed; the family receives the keys to the unit.
  10.     The family moves into the unit and payments will commence from the move in date. Payments are made on or about the 1st and 15th of each month. Landlords have the sole responsibility for the management and maintenance of the unit.