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​Branding has never been easier…

Emgage’s highly responsive site design features will ensure that your sites are branded perfectly and look identical on mobile, tablet and desktop. Responsive Intranets and websites engage your Users where-ever they are.

Increasing Importance of Responsive Design

As work is becoming increasingly flexible and communication is moving to mobile-centric, the old concept of an actual centralized physical office is becoming far less important.

What is still critical though, is the function that a traditional office used to fill. This is really the role of a functioning and successful Intranet, to create a virtual office that provides the knowledge worker with everything they need to successfully completely their work. And to be virtual, you must be mobile with your Intranet.

Emgage, creates highly responsive Intranets and website that function perfectly on mobile, allowing your knowledge workers to access everything they need, from any location.

Responsive Menu Options

Creating a navigation system that works perfectly on every mobile device is essential if you want to increase your adoption rate and your productivity.

Prime makes the navigation on your Intranet or Extranet site responsive and mobile friendly, allowing your Users to find the content they are looking for quickly and easily on any device.

Emgage Converge allows site owners to create responsive menus that go far beyond just the basics. This includes tiered navigation, visual and tabbed megamenus, drop downs and MyLinks, allowing the User to easily surfaces content on any device; desktop, tablet and mobile.


Proven Results on Mobile with Prime

Converge has significantly assisted some major organizations in making their sites mobile friendly.

Hospitality giant Hersha Hospitality Management (HHM) had issues with low adoption and a lack of collaboration due to a lack of Responsiveness on Mobile.  With Converge, HHM experienced a dramatic increase in collaboration and productivity as a direct result of having an accessible mobile intranet.

Global Non-Profit ACORD were struggling with a less than optimal extranet site on mobile devices that had extremely clunky navigation. Converge transformed ACORD’s site allowing them to have a highly responsive site design that looked great and functioned well on all devices; desktop, tablet and mobile.

A Responsive Site With No Coding Required

With Emgage your sites will look exactly the same on mobile, tablet and desktop, branded perfectly for each channel instantly, without you having to invest heavily in costly developers or consultants.

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Emgage’s highly responsive site design features could help increase the productivity and profitability of your workplace..