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Public Portals & Websites

Streamline Communication to the public

Emgage’s PSWS is an end-to-end solution for Public Services and Public Works departments to easily create custom internal and external websites and platforms, to store and share data and visualize it. Providing an equitable and inclusive solution to improve the way you make your ongoing activities known to the public.

Built on top of our Application Platform, a powerful tool to drive digital transformation, centralize data management, and adapt to your growing needs with ease and security.


The Emgage PSWS

Provide Excellent Services.

Public Website and Portal

An intuitive and customizable website and portal for members of the public and other departments to interact with your organization. Manage internal and external requests, display valuable information and statistics and much more.

  • Provide secure access for the public.
  • Data visualization integrations to display current data.
  • Supports all modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • A centralized place to connect with your department.
  • Engage with other parties on the portal via chat.
  • Create and track your activities with our extensible service builder.
  • Mobile-friendly.

Data Sync & Integrations

Connect your data from any system for a compensative and integrated experience. We support just about any data system you can think of and we integrate with many platforms.

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Google Maps
  • Fla-file systems
  • Infor
  • HMIS
  • Laserfiche
  • GIS Info Systems
  • Oracle Databases
  • REST Web Services

Data Visualization & Reporting

A powerful tool to create and share practical reports and data visualizations for insights and productivity.

  • Gain insights into data and processes and display them with ease.
  • Real time data integrates seamlessly with your extranet and website.
  • Create custom forms to collect data or load it in from an external data source.
  • Widgets are easy to configure and easy to publish.
  • Serve the Public by visually mapping data to communicate with ease and transparency.

For example, easily overlay your data on our Map Widget

Multilanguage support

Create content for any language to meet the diverse needs of the public.

  • Automatically detect language setting and present content in their language of choice.
  • Integrate with professional content translation services.
  • Support XLIFF content localization standards.

And so much more!


• Excellent Support and Training       • Sleek, Simple, and User-Friendly Design    
• API Integration  • Mobile Friendly
• Templates    • Encrypted Connections

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