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Public Safety Solutions

Streamlining Law Enforcement

Emgage’s PSS is an end-to-end solution for Police, Sheriff, and Fire and Rescue Agencies to digitize paper processes, to be provisioned with information, share data, and respond swiftly. Providing an equitable and inclusive solution to improve ticketing and data collection processes, manage dispatch, and store, retrieve and analyze essential information.

Built on top of our Application Platform, a powerful tool to drive digital transformation, centralize data management, and adapt to your growing needs with ease and security.

Digitize Paper Processes like Data Collection and Citations

Powerful form builders allow you to automate and manage processes like Ticketing, Data collection, Transmittal, and Court applications, Field interviews, and Incidents. 

  • Workflow and processes builder to create and customize forms and processes for any use case in the field or in the office.
  • Powerful document management capabilities to upload and scan documents for Departments or Citizens
  • Advanced Machine Learning to identify and validate documents.
  • Email or text notifications with valuable information for administrative purposes and to notify the public.
  • Document signing with legally compliant electronic signatures.
  • Mobile-friendly forms for easy use on the fly.

Reporting and Dashboards for Public Safety

A powerful tool to create and share practical reports and data visualizations for insights and productivity.

  • Gain insights into data and processes to turn it into actionable intelligence.
  • Real-time data for resource allocation, tactical decision making, and deployments.
  • Make data-driven decisions.
  • Measure the distribution of scarce resources to optimize effectiveness.
  • Serve the Public by visually mapping data to communicate with ease and transparency.

Public Portal

An intuitive and customizable portal for members of the public to request and track services.

  • Provide secure access for the public.
  • Supports all modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • A centralized place for citizens to track all their engagements.
  • Engage with your users on the portal via chat.
  • Create and track your own public services with our extensible service builder.
  • Help citizens navigate the complexities of dealing with government.

Targeted Communications

Engage with the public by connecting with them with apps of their choice.

  • Communicate with your public across any channel via email, voice, text, mobile notifications, and even Social Media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, Twitter and more.
  • Deliver targeted messages and gain insights into the most effective channels and message effects.
  • Secure and private messages with departments and citizens.

Law Enforcement Records Management

A centralized place to collect, organize and report on all activities with Citizens and Departments.

  • Create and manage various “Content Stores.”
  • Easily create “Item Label Formulas” to automate “Item Labels” to classify files.
  • Audit Trails to track all changes by viewing “Modification Timestamps” and previous “File Versions”.
  • Track all communications with Citizens and other Departments to improve effectiveness.


Multilanguage support

Create content for any language to meet the diverse needs of the public.

  • Automatically detect language setting and present content in their language of choice.
  • Integrate with professional content translation services.
  • Support XLIFF content localization standards.

And so much more!


• Excellent Support and Training       • Sleek, Simple, and User-Friendly Design    
• API Integration  • Mobile Friendly
• Templates for File Structures    • Encrypted Connections

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