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Thank you for applying to join CyberConnect!

We have received your application, we are reviewing your information and we will contact you in the next 2 business days to begin setting up your profile.

"CyberConnect has helped us to reach new clients and expand our network of industry professionals. The access to cutting-edge software and resources has enabled us to offer more comprehensive and effective cybersecurity services to our clients. CyberConnect has helped us to become a leading provider in the industry."

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Shaun B.

You are joining a Select Group of Cybersecurity Professionals

Our clients trust us to connect them with top-quality cybersecurity professionals, and we take that responsibility seriously. We carefully screen all potential providers to ensure that they meet our high standards for quality and service, and we only accept the best of the best.

"We Expect Our Providers to Meet High Standards of Quality and Service"

In a healthy network, all providers agree to contribute

  • Services Provided

  • Certifications

  • Industries & Regions

  • Target customer data

  • Customer satisfaction data

  • Service delivery data

  • 6% fee (for non-premium providers)

  • Minimum annual job postings

How CyberConnectTM Accelerates Your Growth

Discover the Benefits of Being a Provider


Expand Your Reach

By joining our network of cybersecurity professionals, you can showcase your services to potential clients who are looking for experts in your field. This can help you to reach new customers that you may not have been able to connect with otherwise.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Our network of providers can help you to reduce your customer acquisition costs by providing you with a platform to connect with potential clients. This can help you to save money on advertising and other marketing expenses.


Generate Recurring Revenue

By becoming a provider on our directory, you can generate recurring revenue through resale of our services. This can help you to create a steady stream of income and grow your business over time.

Accelerate and Automate with Access to Premier Cybersecurity Tools

The secret to how our top-performing providers provide the best cybersecurity services in the world. 


Simplify Your Operations

Access software that allows you to centralize your control data and integrate all of your security tools, so you can manage your operations more efficiently. This can help you to save time and reduce errors so you can provide high value to your clients.

Streamline Your Workflow

Instead of manually mapping frameworks, running reports, and juggling dozens of client controls, our software automates your entire service workflow, saving you hundreds of hours a month and allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing top-quality cybersecurity services.


Onboard Your Clients with Ease

Access software that simplifies the customer onboarding process, making it easier for you to bring new clients on board. This can help you to provide a better experience for your customers and grow your business over time.