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The Intranet you’ve been waiting for.

Emgage delivers on the promise of a delightful and productive intranet without the headaches and drawn-out customizations of consultants. Go beyond what your employees expect and create a site that is accessible from any device, intuitive, and gives each user exactly what they need. The best part of all…no coding is required.

Your Intranet or Extranet could look like…


See examples of great Intranets and extranets. No expensive developers or code is needed for deployment.

Easily create and customize intranets, extranets, and websites to seamlessly manage content and streamline communication between internal and external users.


Enhanced Branding

With Emgage’s unique branding capabilities you can quickly optimize the look of your brand across multiple devices. Our simple to use branding tools will make your site look great in every space without you having to spend costly time and dollars on consultants and developers.

Responsive Menu Options

Creating a navigation system that works perfectly on every mobile device is essential if you want to increase your adoption rate and your productivity.

Prime makes the navigation on your Intranet or Extranet site responsive and mobile friendly, allowing your Users to find the content they are looking for quickly and easily on any device.

Emgage Converge allows site owners to create responsive menus that go far beyond just the basics. This includes tiered navigation, visual and tabbed megamenus, drop downs and MyLinks, allowing the User to easily surfaces content on any device; desktop, tablet and mobile.


Customize Lists and Libraries

Emgage allows you to create easy-to-use, mobile-friendly lists and libraries.

Update data at exceptional speed and ease, allowing you to accelerate the speed of your content management system.


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Social Features

Manage your Intranet in a way that allows you to limit your employee’s access to pre-approved sources.

Emgage’s social media features allow you to create and manage subscription lists to relevant social sites, news, and RSS sites in a manner that keeps your employees engaged and on your Intranet site. This is a great internal engagement tool and a real productivity saver.

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Improve Adoption

Improve adoption with our instant personalization feature. With this feature, your website will automatically show your employees what’s personally relevant to them.

Each user has a personal view of alerts, announcements, meetings, events, tasks, workflows, and tickets relevant to their work. It doesn’t matter if the content lives in SharePoint lists, Microsoft Exchange, or even third-party support systems like ServiceNow. It is automatically presented to the user without any administrative overhead.

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Highly Responsive Design

Converge will transform your intranet with its highly responsive design functionality. Your sites will automatically optimize for mobile, tablet, and desktop, branded perfectly for each channel with our custom technology.


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Videos Like Never Before

Nothing will engage your employees like video. Converge allows you to easily embed and manage your video content. Create playlists, media channels, and even related videos.

Videos can easily be discovered through search, smart recommendations, or through user-guided channel subscriptions.

Go Beyond Work

Ultimately your Intranet or website can be so much more than simply a workflow management portal.

With Converge you have the ability to not only eradicate the hassle of your current CMS and design tools, you also gain access to a wide variety of custom-built tools that will transform your site into a highly personal and connected community hub that truly engages your employees.

One of the ways in which Converge achieves this is by providing your employees with easy access to commonly browsed information right on your Intranet site. Information that includes weather, stocks, and other info. After all, if they don’t get it internally they are more likely to spend time on third-party sites, instead of your intranet.

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