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Pricing the Emgage way

Experience a customer-centric approach that lets you align cost with the value of your usage. Pay only for the services you use, not per an arbitrary unit that varies by use case. It’s simple pricing, based on one dimension, for all your use cases.

Do more on one platform, at one price

Create data apps, deploy customer portal, deliver millions of messages, run marketing campaigns, automate processes, digitize and sign documents… do anything you wish without retooling your budget or starting a new vendor cycle. Want to explore applications from our marketplace? Go for it. Try and decide if you want to use it and pay for it.

Control costs and keep your priorities

Strike the perfect balance between performance and price that’s right for your business. Derive value to your organization with full price controls. We’ll never stop optimizing, either, to let you go further and faster with your services.

Grow with flexibility, not friction

Why consumption-based pricing? Because it’s pricing that starts simple, stays simple, and scales well. And because no one should be punished for doing something well or for thinking of new ways to solve a problem.