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Emgage Pricing
the employee engagement company

Pay Only for the Services You Use

With our consumption-base​d pricing what you pay is determined only by the amount of underlying services you use. Say goodbye to industry-standard, confusing "magic math" pricing based on a number of users, seats, or any other criteria designed to extract the largest amount of money out of you.

We Get Paid Only If You ​​are Happy

If you are not happy and are not using your apps then you don't pay. Your goals are aligned with our goals because we are incentivized to deliver​ solutions that will delight your users and scare your competition.

Pricing​​​ *

 $/Month/Unit Unit
 $         2.30000MB Active Version stored
 $         1.47000MB Archived Version stored
 $         0.00945Request or Response (GET)
 $         0.03680Submit (POST and PUT)
 $         0.18000MB stored
 $         0.16130MB transferred
 $         0.18000MB Inbound transferred
 $         0.16130MB Outbound transferred
Web Pages and App Screens
 $         0.00853Request
 $         0.01421Compute-Second
Tasks and Work
 $         0.18000Active Work Item
 $         0.00500Closed or Cancelled Work Item
 $         0.34000Active Flow Instance
 $         0.00800Finalized Flow
 $         0.01250SMS Text Sent
 $         0.03000SMS Picture Sent
 $         1.073951000 Emails Sent
 $         0.00315Push Notification
 $         0.01421Compute-second
 $         0.18000MB Stored
 $         0.16130MB transferred
 $         0.48000Signature
Media Processing
 $         0.01421Compute-second
Search Center
 $         0.0142​1Compute-second
 $         0.18000MB Stored
 $         0.16130MB transferred​
​* Prices are per unit for pay-as-you-go plans.
Discounts of 10% to 28% available for multi-year commitments or annual 

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