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Emgage Application Platform

The perfect business software at the price and speed of a 

off-the-shelf software at the value of custom-made software

Whether you’re a business or technology professional, get the incredible flexibility, performance, and near-infinite scalability to deploy or build any software in a fraction of the time and cost. Emgage Application Platform is a fully managed collection of services that are simple to use but can power nearly any functionality that you can dream of. 

One Platform with a Revolutionary Architecture for Unmatched Performance and Capabilities

Common Foundation

Our applications are built on the core of the Emgage Application Platform, a robust and integrated set of technologies that enables powerful capabilities so you can build or expand your applications while staying anchored to a common foundation.

Improved Governance and Security

Don’t lose sleep worrying about your business-critical applications. Take control of your technology environment with our fine-grained governance, access management, and auditing capabilities.

Deploy Once, Or Hundreds of Times

Whether you are deploying a tailor-made application from our marketplace or creating your own application on our platform, you can deploy it once or hundreds of times across your organization or to partners.

Make Great Apps, not Great Costs

Focus on your needs and not on finding and retaining an expensive development team. Emgage's unique architecture allows you to create what you need without the burden of costly resources.

Any Data. Anywhere

Use your data and content without having to worry about where it lives. Connect hundreds of data sources to create a rich data infrastructure.​

Unmatched Flexibility

Emgage's orchestration engine connects all the services in a seamless service mesh that connects all your apps together in an ecosystem of applications with a consistent user experience and deep integration.

Say Good to Low-Code/No-Code

Say hello to a new paradigm or software development we call "Converge-Code" - where all application services converge together with a pinch of code on top of a platform that automatically orchestrates and integrates all services into cohesive and unique applications just for you.

No Bloatware

You pay for what you use and not for bloatware. Most business apps are made to address everyone's needs and not necessarily yours. Unhelpful features add complexity and cost to your applications. With Emgage apps, you get a streamlined application that adapts to you and not the other way around.

App Services


Build any application. We’ve done the hard part, putting the services you desire right at your fingertips. Drag and drop to create powerful applications



Create tables, hierarchical meta data, pages, people, directories, data lakes, folders, documents, and more to store and manage any type of content.

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Features & Benefits

Granular security with field-level and row-level permissions

Rules and events

Unlimited Storage

Change with your needs

High performance

Powerful and intuitive Content Builder

APIs access for integration

Versioning and Auditing


Synchronize content with external sources


Sync content between Emgage and SQL, Web Services, Salesforce, REST Data, OData, or any anything else

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Features & Benefits



Data transformations

Fault tolerance


Connect to anything


Your applications should fit your brand and look beautiful With theming, you may easily brand any aspect of your application with great ease

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Features & Benefits

Overall Themes

Consistence branding

Details design

Flexible layouts


Our powerful Page Builder empowers you to create rich, dynamic and beautiful pages for your intranet, wiki or even as a website

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Features & Benefits

Mobile Responsive

Rich set of widgets

Multi-language support

Accessibility support

Personalization and targeting for each user, role and group


Build robust forms as part of your application to collect information

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Features & Benefits

Rich and interactive forms

Intuitive Form Builder

Flexible layouts

Mobile responsive

Dynamic business rules

Deep integration with Workflows

User Management

Manage users, roles and groups for your applications

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Features & Benefits

Federated Services

Active Directory Sync

Office 365 single sign on

Google Apps single sign on

Granular permissions

Self-managed user portal

Grant and control external user access

Setup dynamic access rules for content


Content and functionality targeting per user

Workflow Automation

Automate your business processes and workflows with ease.

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Features & Benefits

Robust Workflow Builder

Long-running and short-lived processes

Sophisticated branching logic

Workflow visualization and reports

State aging

Associate workflows with content

Permissions for workflows

Assigning of tasks to individuals

Business Analytics

Create beautiful dashboards and reports to bring insights into your application

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Features & Benefits

Create, export and present reports

Granular access control

Build interactive dashboards

Beautiful Data Visualization Widgets

Usage Analytics

Create superior experiences by monitoring and understand how your users are engaging with your application

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Features & Benefits

Track users through a whole transaction

Identify failure-points

Proactively identify and resolve issues

Improve user satisfaction

Machine Learning

Utilize our intuitive machine learning capabilities to identify insights, predict failures and improve all aspects of your business

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Features & Benefits

Identify trends

Optimize for specific outcomes

Spot problems early on

Detect anomalies

Segment Content

Enrich and enhance Content

IoT Connector

Connect IoT devices to your applications for a fully integrated experience

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Features & Benefits

Collect and store IoT data

Respond to events

Apply machine learning for better insights

Visualize your devices

Search Engine

Free your users to find what they need, quickly and effectively

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Features & Benefits

Faceted search

Configurable crawling and indexing

Full-text, boolean and phonetic search

Complex search joins

Filtered search (date, distance)

Spell-checking algorithms

Suggestions (auto-complete)

PDF and MS Office document parsing

OCR parsing

Project & Task

Use our Work Management features to manage anything from a simple “to-do” list to complex projects with dependencies, teams and deliverables

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Features & Benefits

Support for various PM models (Agile, Waterfall , Kanban, Scrum…)

Integrate with Workflows

Role assignments

Dependency management

Reports and Visualizations

Know what you should be working on

Create accountability

Align day-to-day work with business objectives and measures

Finance Management

Robust features to create any financial and accounting system you need to manage your business

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Features & Benefits

Create and manage Chart of Accounts

Manage currencies

Generate finance reports such as Balance Sheets, Income Statement, Inventory, Assets, Liabilities, Ageing Report, and more…

Manage Accounts receivables

Manage Accounts payables

Organize your General Ledger

Setup accounting processes, workflows and controls

Manage vendors

Support Sherpa

Provide your users with articles and guided tutorials for your application Seamlessly organize and resolve user issues and requests

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Features & Benefits

Easy and Extensible ticketing

Prioritize tickets

Reports and Visualizations

Ticket routing rules

Track conversations

Convert emails into tickets

Contextual Help

Support articles

Guided tutorials

Sharing & Collaboration

Share resource with internal and external users Collaborate with chat and work assignments across all your application users.

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Features & Benefits




Content tagging


Context-specific chat rooms

Granular permissions

Invite user to collaborate

Record Management

empower your application record management capabilities by enabling e-Signatures and verifiable memorialization of records

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Features & Benefits

In-place record management


Retention policies

Audit logging and tracking

Document linking

Granular permissions

Verifiable digital stamp

Media Processing

Streamline media media management and improve user experience by dynamically generating high-quality responsive images and videos Create thumbnails, manipulate images and encode videos for most common codecs.

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Features & Benefits

Upload any size file

Dynamically manipulate files

Rules-based policies

Optimized response videos and images

Optimize images and videos

Use any codec for video processing

Grab video stills

Apply face and object recognition

Email & SMS Distribution

Send emails and SMS messages to notify users, send newsletters, engage customers and prospects, solicit feedback and much more

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Features & Benefits

Drag-and-drop email builder

Email templates

Dynamic content

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