Overcoming the Five Biggest Challenges for MSSPs Today

How to Simplify Your Job and Drive More Revenue

As an MSSP, you're forced to duct tape tools together to serve your clients' growing list of vendors. In this eBook, you'll learn how to overcome the biggest challenges that are holding you back from the growth and revenue that you deserve:

  • Gain insight into why most MSSPs are unsustainable
  • Discover the easiest way to integrate multiple tools
  • Create a framework for reporting to save time and energy 
  • Avoid the most common traps for MSSPs
You don't have to duct tape tools together in order to deliver value to your customers. Download this free eBook to learn how to integrate tools, retain the best talent, and generate recurring income as a successful MSSP.

"A decade ago, I was a stressed out MSSP​"

My team and I were desperately trying to figure out better ways to manage all of the different tools our customers were handing us. It was taking too much time and energy to keep delivering value. 

Once we found the right tool, we were able to simplify our processes, deliver higher value, gain new streams of revenue, and grow our business. 

We started Emgage to help you take that same journey. Today, I love seeing MSSPs go from stressed out to freed up to do the kind of business they want to be doing.


Harout Katerjian, Co-Founder

Stop Duct Taping Tools Together

You finally sign on a new customer for vCISO services and they come to you with their pile of tools. "Here you go, MSSP. I know you have 200 other customers, and they all use different sets of tools, but I need you to use my tools to manage me." With a growing list of thousands of vendor products and services that you're having to manage, your team is getting bogged down with frustration as they are forced to duct tape tools together in order to deliver value to customers.

Overcome Your Biggest MSSP Challenges

Save Time

It takes the average MSSP 97 hours to create an assessment and an additional 72 hours to create a report. This eBook will teach you how to cut those numbers in half so you can spend more time delivering high value to your customers.

Keep Top Talent

While your team is burning the candle at both ends writing 500 page reports, you are at risk of losing valuable talent. This eBook teaches you how to simplify their job so you can retain your talent and grow your business.

Make More Money

Currently, SaaS companies are making 80% margins on the products that you are maintaining for your customers. This eBook will teach you how to grow monthly recurring revenue from your services.