Onboard Customers Fast
& Increase Retention

Amazing low code, automated onboarding for clients with document collaboration, signing, scheduling, fee collection, and integration with your core business tools. Allowing for endless customization by your business teams with an easy low-code editor.

“Fast and efficient. It had 99% of what I needed out of the box, and I could customize everything with the low-code editor to make it perfect.”

Julius T.
Head of Revenue

74% of new customer churn comes from bad onboarding

Emgage gives you the power to build your own feature-rich onboarding process in minutes, making customer, client and partner onboarding easier for everyone.

Automate with low-code

Automated processes makes onboarding for customers, vendors, contractors, and partners simple and fast. And it’s built by your business teams, not IT, because our drag & drop builder is simple to use.

Manage documentation easily

Emgage enables efficient record management – from document collaboration, signing docs, and integration into your CRM or ERP. Live the dream of document tracking across the customer lifecycle in a seamless and efficient workflow.

Set up financials easily

Set up accounting processes, workflow and controls. Receive & schedule payments, manage vendors, currencies and so much more.

When’s the last time your finance team told you they love you? We bet they will with Emgage

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