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​Emgage fo​r IT Professionals

Emgage is a new type of application development, “Converge Code” TM. It offers you the speed and intuition of a Low-Code/No-Code platform combined with the flexibility and power of a full-code development.
Unlike other app development platforms, we focus on serving IT departments who need to create robust applications for their organizations, but without the complexities of full-code, the headaches of DevOps, and the burdens of integration.

Pay for What You Use

Most app vendors have opaque pricing schemes designed to extract the most out of you. Our pricing is simple, you pay for what you use​​


Infinite Scaling

Well, maybe not infinite but pretty darn close. Our platform is hosted on the cloud provider of your choice, even on-prem. It’s a cloud-agnostic infrastructure that automatically scales up and down with your needs.​​​​


Dedicated Support

We know what it takes to manage software for your​ business while balancing pressures from management and the needs of your team. We are here for you around the clock, from pre-sales, prototyping, deployment, support.​

​Never Fall Behind

We continuously scour the world for the best technologies that could benefit you, be it amazing Open Source projects, API services, or proprietary technologies. We do the hard work of licensing, orchestrating, testing, securing, DevOps’ing (yep, that’s a word now), and integrating the tech into our Application Platform as App Services so you can easily add it to your app and have seamlessly work with everything else you have​​

Infinitely Extensible​

The future is hard to predict. So don’t predict it, adapt to it! That’s the motto we went with when architecting our Application Platform. You can’t predict the future but you can design a​ leading-edge technology platform that orchestrates all modern technology into a cohesive system but give you the room to add any future technologies that have not been invited yet.
Our extensible orchestration engine, the heart of our Application Platform, allows you to:

  • Be Future Proof
  • Extend any part of the platform with ease
  • Use any of our ecosystem of extensions​​​​

​Infinite Configuration​

Why settle for a monolithic and ridged app platform that forces you to build solutions that fit their paradigm and ignores your unique needs? With Emgage Application Platform, you can create just about anything you can dream of without customization or expensive development.​​

Rip and Replace

Got an old or expensive business solution that has taken you hostage? Most companies have on average of 12.5 solutions that they are stuck with and don’t have an easy way of replacing it. With the Emgage Application Platform, you can break out of your unhealthy relationship with legacy applications and greedy vendors. You can rip and replace an old solution in two to four weeks with our Application Platform and reduce your costs by as much as 80% and get more useful functionality your money ​​​

Learn How Emgage Application Platform Can Help You Deliver Solutions Faster and with Less Effort.

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