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Examples of SharePoint Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites built with Prime
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For the best Internet, Intranet and Extranet Sharepoint

​Transform your Internet, Intranet, or Extranet

​​​Transform your SharePoint with Prime, quickly and seamlessly. Prime has successfully transformed Internets, Intranets and Extranets for hundreds of companies, many of whom are Fortune 500's. Here are a few examples, contact us for a free demonstration.

 Internet, Intranet, extranet site examples  


Your Corporate Intranet

SharePoint Intranet​ can be an incredibly important tool when it comes to solving significant work problems for employees and for improving workplace productivity.

At Emgage, we are Intranet specialist and we pride ourselves on creating products and services that help organizations build Intranets that work.

Our Prime and Turbo products are designed to help you create an intranet that solves significant work problems in a massive way.​ When your Intranet actually saves your Users a considerable amount of time and effort in the general activities of their work, adoption becomes a no brainer. For more on our ethos, feel free to watch this webinar here.

Features of a Corporate Intranet Created with Prime

  • Extremely quick to launch
  • Works on all modern browsers, mobile devices, and IE8
  • Expensive developers or consultants are not needed for deployment
  • Unique SharePoint branding tools, allowing you to match your Intranet to your brand
  • Highly responsive on tablets and mobile
  • Superior navigation options, including MegaMenus, Dropdowns and MyLink​s​.

Example of a Corporate Intranet Created with Prime

​​​Before hospitality giant Hersha Hospitality Management (HHM) began using Prime, they had an Intranet that wasn't mobile friendly and their adoption rate was extremely low.

Prime quickly transformed their Intranet making it mobile friendly, and greatly increased usability, adoption rates and productivity

More on the Hersha Hospitality Management Case Study with Prime.

Corporate Intranet  

​Your Corporate Extranet or Forward Facing Internet Website

Large scale forward facing internet websites and corporate extranets are often multileveled and complex. SharePoint has a lot of native, in-built power and it is a great choice for building these types of sites, however it must be unlocked and optimized to access this power and make it user friendly.

Prime​ has successfully​ transformed ​SharePoint Extranets for a significant number of Fortune 500 companies.

Some features of a Corporate Extranets Created with Prime

  • Extremely quick to launch
  • Works on all modern browsers, mobile devices, and IE8
  • Expensive developers or consultants are not needed for deployment.
  • Highly responsive on tablets and mobile
  • It makes complex navigation simple
  • User specific elements with stocks, news feeds and social features.​
  • Unlocks critical SharePoint functionality including calendaring and data-roll up

An Example of a Corporate Extranet created with Prime


ACORD is a global, ​non-profit​​ organization​ serving the ​insurance and insurance related industry. They came to us​ with their extranet, many of the native ​capabilities of SharePoint were not being leveraged. The User experience on mobile devices was far from optimal and the navigation within the site was ​overly complex and clunky.

ACORD partnered​​ with Prime ​to unlock critical SharePoint ​functionality including calendaring ​​and a simplified data roll up. See the case study here​.

Sharepoint Corporate Extranet site  


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