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Discover the SECRET to Increasing Corporate Intranet Adoption

Increase the Effectiveness and Efficiency of your work

The Secret to Increasing Your Corporate Intranet Adoption

The Internet is full of experts who claim to have the cure for your corporate intranet adoption rate. But many of them are attempting to find the right solution for the wrong problem.

Highlights of the Video:


  • Discover the #1 reason why your intranet adoption rate is low (Hint: It is not related to your culture or a lack of employee engagement).
  • See how focusing on increasing employee engagement can distract you from solving the real problem; which is less than optimal workplace efficiency.
  • Get a clear pathway forward to not only increase your corporate intranet adoption rate, but most importantly it will significantly improve productivity.


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“Having the ability to collaborate with any employee, anywhere was huge for driving user-adoption.”

— Bassam Alqassar, VP of Information Services & Technology, Princess House​​​​​​​​​​

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