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Identifier Alignment and Correlation Solution

Eliminate Errors and Duplication in Identifying and Linking Student Data

If your organization is ready to replace its SLDS or wants to integrate with ECIDS, the Emgage Identity Recognition and Correlation Solution will be a great fit. With our solution, you can reliably compute unduplicated counts and link data across organizations and source systems by using Unique Identifiers to maximize your operations.


To effectively create, track and fund programs it is important for organizations to have unduplicated counts of their participants. Emgage's solution makes unduplicated records your new norm and allows your organization to accurately and easily track program participation


Emgage's Matching & Linking solution helps your organization resolve all accessibility requirements (WCAG 2.0 A/AA and Section 508) and enables your organization to easily link records, like person records. Our solution acquires identifiers from source data and provides crosswalk capability to link data from a broad variety of data sources.


Emgage's Matching & Linking solution uses a combination of deterministic and probabilistic matching algorithms to get its unparalleled match rate, saving your data administrators countless hours of review.

Emgage’s Identity Recognition and Correlation Solution 


Emgage’s Solutions help you digitize and accelerate paper processes, by delegating unique IDs to individuals across the complete P20W continuum. These unique IDs can be tracked across Locations, Source Systems, and Time, for quick verifications and analysis.

Optimize with Emgage 

LINK ALL YOUR DATA, PreK-12, K-12, etc.

Your organization will be able to optimize its Eligibility, Funding, and Participation by matching and linking students across all the datasets available to you. Emgage’s Identity Recognitions and Correlation solution allows you to easily link across agencies to gain serviceable insights into your students.