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Services Management Solution

Streamlining and Connecting Clients with Services

An end-to-end solution for clients, agencies, providers, landlords, policymakers, and the community to prevent and end homelessness in a collaborative approach. 

HMS provides an equitable and inclusive solution to improve outcomes by accelerating the housing process, improving provider performance, and driving community and policymaker engagement through visually stunning and intuitive dashboards.

Built on top of our Application Platform, a powerful tool to drive digital transformation, centralize data management, and adapt to your growing needs with ease and security.

Provider Management

HMS empowers agencies and providers with full contract lifecycle management from initiation, performance monitoring, and renewals. It allows each provider to manage their caseworkers and staff with comprehensive needs assessment and case management tools, including: 

  • Secure Sign-On 
  • Document Management
  • Certification and Document Signatures
  • Provider Staff Administration
  • Case Management
  • Assessment Builder
  • Survey Tool
  • Continuum Of Care (CoC) Routing
  • Landlord and Lease Administration
  • Form and Workflow Builder
  • Wellness and Inspection Visits
  • Text and Email Communication

Reporting and Analytics

A comprehensive set of reports and dashboards to address the needs of all parties involved, including intuitive report and dashboard builder to explore or address any ad-hoc reporting needs:

  • 25+ HUD, HEARTH, CoC, and ESG Reports
  • Data Center Login for Policymakers and Providers
  • Public access for anonymized dashboards
  • Geographic Data Visualizati0on
  • Gain insights into data and processes to turn it into actionable intelligence.
  • Real-time data for resource allocation.
  • Report and Dashboard Builder
  • Data Analytics Tools
  • Data Importer
  • Longitudinal Reporting

Homeless Management Information System & Support

HMS meets and exceeds all the HMIS requirements set forth by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and provides a robust set of features to address the complex needs of state agencies, CoCs, and an ecosystem of partners and providers:

  • HEARTH Act compliance
  • CoC Program Rules
  • ESG Program Rules
  • Complete List of Data Elements
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • HUD AMI Integration

Housing Management

Reduce management burdens on shelter providers and incentivize property owners with intuitive solutions to manage facilities, beds, lease signing, payments, inspections, and much more with the built-in housing management features of HMS:

  • Shelter Bed Availability
  • Landlord Portal
  • Lease Signing
  • Bed Reservations
  • Payment Management
  • Inspection Scheduling
  • Landlord Administration
  • Uniform Messaging
  • Reporting

Granular Authentication & Authorization

Elaborate but intuitive Permission Settings to ensure optimal security and control over your documents.

  • Easily establish permissions to Create, View, and Modify records
  • Track version and audit history
  • Define internal and external access to documents and records
  • Administer permissions for providers, policymakers, and more



Apps & Portals

Intuitive and customizable apps and web portals for client and public access and secure access for providers to interact with your agency. Manage requests and push out content, news and events directly to targeted users

  • Provide reliable and fast access for clients and the public
  • Supports all modern browsers and mobile devices
  • A centralized place to connect with all resources
  • Engage with other parties on the portal via chat.
  • Create and track your own services with our extensible service builder.




Data Sync

Connect your data from any system for a compensative and integrated experience. We support just about any data system you can think of.

  • NetSmart
  • MyAvatar
  • Tyler Technologies
  • PeopleSoft
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DB2
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Infor
  • GIS Info Systems
  • REST Web Services

And so much more!


• Excellent Support and Training       • Sleek, Simple, and User-Friendly Design    
• API Integration  • Mobile Friendly
• Templates for File Structures    • Encrypted Connections

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