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​Emgage fo​r Entreprenuers

Create Amazing​​ Apps without Developers and Go To Market Faster

Emgage is a new type of software development. It offers you the speed and intuition of a Low-Code/No-Code platform combined with the flexibility and power of a full-code development.
Unlike other app development platforms, we focus on the whole lifecycle of business software. From creation to deployment, onboarding, maintenance, monetization, and beyond. With Emgage Application Platform, you can create apps that outperform and outcompete similar apps that cost $5M to $20M but at the fraction of the cost.

Pay for What You Use

Most app vendors have opaque pricing schemes designed to extract the most out of you. Our pricing is simple, you pay for what you use​​


Free Marketing

We’ll get your app out there and make it easy for others to find and use in minutes. Our goal is to make you successful, because if you are successful then we are successful. ​


Make It Yours

Our App Platform fades into the background. You have complete control of the behavior and the branding of the apps you create. ​​​​​​

You are a Visionary

You have deep expertise in a domain, and you see a big and glaring need for a new software business, but you don’t the technical skills to create the right software so you can take it to market tomorrow and blow the competition out of the water.

With the Emgage Application Platform, you can create robust and secure applications quickly without any initial costs. In just a few weeks, you can create the application you have been dreaming of and get real paying customers.

​Dream Big​

Why settle for a monolithic and ridged app platform that forces you to build solutions that fit their paradigm and ignore your unique needs? With Emgage Application Platform, you can create just about anything you can dream of without customization or expensive development

​Never Fall Behind

We continuously scour the world for the best technologies that could benefit you, be it amazing Open Source projects, API services, or proprietary technologies. We do the hard work of licensing, orchestrating, testing, securing, DevOps’ing (yep, that’s a word now), and integrating the tech into our Application Platform as App Services so you can easily add it to your app and have seamlessly work with everything else you have​​.

Infinite Extensibility​​

The future is hard to predict. So don’t predict it, adapt to it! That’s the motto we went with when architecting our Application Platform. You can’t predict the future but you can design a leading-edge technology platform that orchestrates all modern technology into a cohesive system but give you the room to add any future technologies that have not been invited yet.

Infinite Scalability

Well, maybe not infinite but pretty darn close. Our platform is hosted on a cloud provider of your choice or even on-prem. It’s a cloud-agnostic infrastructure that automatically scales up and down with your usage, so you never ever have to worry about​ managing resources and costs.​​

Dedicated Support

From an entrepreneur to an entrepreneur, we know what it takes to create software while supporting existing cu​stomers and responding to feedback and changing market conditions. We are there for you around the clock, from pre-sales, prototyping, deployment, support. Whatever it takes to make you successful, we got your back.​

Go to Market Faster

Creating an app is only the first step. Then you got to, package it, operationalize it, find real customers and get it into their hands for feedback, iteration, maintenance, support, and more… With Emgage Application Platform, you can go to market faster with our innovative development, distribution, and support technologies so you can capture market share and beat out your competition. ​​​

Revenue Growth

​Our Application Platform does more than create apps. It also provides all the key capabilities you need to monetize your apps. With Emgage, you will:
  • ​​Optimize onboarding to increase conversion​​
  • ​​Reduce deployment time to 5 minutes​​
  • ​​Generate more leads with free trials
  • ​​Improve SEO rankings with our built-in tech​​
  • ​​Provide secure hosting and scaling ​​

Do You Have What it Takes?

Apply for a $50,000* Go-To-Market Grant!

Do you have a business software idea you have been trying to create and don’t have the technology platform and resources to create and launch your idea? Request an application below to see if you qualify for the grant
 * If you qualify, Emgage will provide up to $50,000 in hosting, technical, marketing resources to help you get to market fast.