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Healthcare Sector Intranets | From Emgage
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Best Responsive SharePoint Intranet

​The Ultimate Digital Platform for the Healthcare Industry 

​Designed and packaged specifically for the Healthcare Industry, the Emgage Prime ​Platform has allowed healthcare organizations to create powerful Intranets while dramatically reduce the cost of execution.  

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Number One Partner for Industry Pioneers

Since 2008, Emgage has partnered with various healthcare industry’s leaders in collaboration, including medical centers, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and medical staffing agencies, to improve knowledge sharing, patient care and customer experience.

The Emgage Digital Platform provides the agility to stay ahead of the industry’s innovation curve by creating comprehensive mobile solutions for collaboration and work management at a fraction of the typical time and cost of custom development. 

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Driving Innovation in Healthcare

With the healthcare industry becoming increasingly complex, with ever-changing regulatory climates and increased direct consumer participation, effective collaboration is key in the organization’s operations, whether it is in patient care and communication, medical research, or staff management. 

The Emgage Digital Work Platform has provided the answer to this fluid challenge for diverse organizations in the industry, including Mercy Health, Ariad, PFEnex and TeamHealth, by providing a set of versatile and robust tools to create intuitive intranets, forms and workflows.


​Collaboration to the Forefront for Next-Generation Healthcare Intranet Portals

W.ith our innovative approach to making collaborative work natural and “no code” customization features, we help customers realize big value, very quickly.

  • Audience Targeting of content to surface relevant information immediately for the right user.

  • Powerful MegaMenus with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder to enable users to get to the information they need quickly.

  • 100% Responsive Design on all Mobile Devices for remote employees and users on-the-go.

  • Personalized Calendar and Task Web Parts for each user, for fast and effective scheduling and project management.

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Discover why the Emgage Intranet is the Health Sector's Leading Intranet​ Provider​​