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Constituent Relationship Management

The complete and transparent solution to collaborate with your citizens and businesses to meet their growing needs.

Gov CRM is an end-to-end solution for cities and counties to manage their interactions with businesses and citizens. Providing an equitable and inclusive solution to increase public engagement by helping your constituents to discover services and engage with their government at all levels.

Built on top of our Application Platform, Gov CRM empowers you to digitize paper processes for permitting, information requests, City Council or County Board meetings, payments, and much more with an integrated and secure solution.


Reporting and Dashboards

A powerful tool to create and share beautiful reports and data visualizations for insights and productivity.

  • Gain insights into processes to identify and resolve bottlenecks and work stoppages.
  • Easily comply with regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Summarize messaging results and feedback to measure the impact of communication efforts.
  • Measure the distribution of scarce resources for more equitable and inclusive public engagement.
  • Visually map community engagement so you can focus resources on areas that need the most help.

Public Portal

An intuitive and customizable portal for members of the public to request and track services. Manage requests to join boards or commissions, service inquiries, permits, and much more.

  • Provide secure access for the public.
  • Supports all modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • A centralized place for citizens to track all their engagements.
  • Engage with your users on the portal via chat.
  • Create and track your own public services with our extensible service builder.
  • Help businesses navigate the complexities of doing business with government.

Forms and Workflows

Digitize any form and process with our easy-to-use, yet powerful builder. Our sophisticated workflow builder support simple or advanced routing, review and approval processes to help you automate and enforce your policies.

  • Dynamic forms to respond to user input.
  • Automate manual processes.
  • Assign tasks based on stage of workflow.
  • Create and manage roles.
  • Assign reviewer and approvers for any stage.

Targeted Communications

Engage with your clients/users by connecting with them with apps of their choice.

  • Communicate across any channel via email, voice, text, mobile notifications, and even Social Media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, Twitter, and more.
  • Deliver targeted messages and gain insights into the most effective channels and message effects.
  • Secure and private messages with businesses and clients.

Events and Meetings

Comprehensive calendaring and event management solution to schedule and manage your events.

  • Send and track invitations.
  • Organize approved agenda items.
  • Allow for self-subscriptions.
  • Compare meeting results with previous sessions.

California Brown Act Compliance

Empowers City Councils, County Boards, and Local Governments to comply with the California Brown Act and Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act.

  • Schedule public meetings and provide advance meeting notice for regular, emergency or special meetings.
  • Greater visibility into Boards and Commissions including greater connectivity for appointees and members of the public.
  • Provide the ability to subscribe to meeting notifications
  • Establish automated workflows for collecting, reviewing and publishing agendas and information items.
  • Comply with electronic signatures for agendas and meeting items.

Document Management

Powerful document management capabilities to upload and scan documents for staff or constituents.

  • Rich document governance to support various regulations.
  • Workflow and processes builder to safely collaborate with the public or other departments.
  • Advanced Machine Learning to identify and validate documents.
  • Document signing with legally compliant electronic signatures.

Constituent Database

A centralized place to collect, organize and report on all activities with citizens and businesses.

  • Create and manage various “Service Requests.”
  • Track source and demographic details for increased equity and inclusion.
  • Track all communications with citizens and businesses to improve service delivery.
  • Customize and create fields and workflows to fit your specific needs at each department and division.
  • Prevent double entry by providing all groups, divisions and departments access.

Data Sync

Connect your data from any system for a compensative and integrated experience. We support just about any data system you can think of.

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Fla-file systems
  • Infor
  • GIS Info Systems
  • Oracle Databases
  • REST Web Services

Multilanguage support

Create content for any language to meet the needs of your diverse clientele.

  • Automatically detect language settings and present content in their language of choice.
  • Integrate with professional content translation services.
  • Support XLIFF content localization standards.

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