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Educational Reporting and Analytics Data Lake

Comprehensive Data Models, Easy Data Prep, and Fully Compliant

Emgage’s Educational Reporting and Analytics Data Lake is a full-fledged data solution to collect, validate, consolidate, integrate and standardize data to uncover its value. Our solution adheres to the CEDS standards and SLDS requirements; supporting interoperability, ESSA Dashboards, EDfacts, and more. Analyze your data longitudinally and prepare your data with ease, by using automation and made-to-fit integrations, to save you valuable time on your EDFacts submissions.

Data Models

Our solutions offer the most extensive data models in the early childhood, PK-12, and postsecondary education fields. Our Data Lake enables you to gather, process, and effectively analyze terabytes of information for data science applications.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage the vast insights provided by our Educational Data Lake to make strategic decisions, by highlighting issues and identifying trends. Increase enrolment rates, improve proficiency, reduce remediation levels by providing predictive analytics with our built-in Machine Learning​.


Meet CEDS, CASE, and other standards for SLDS requirements; supporting interoperability, ESSA Dashboards, EDFacts, and is compatible with 100+ database and file format for reporting and analysis. Our solutions integrate with SIS, Health, HR, Finance, and other systems for cross-system analytics.

Reporting & Dashboards

Create beautiful dashboards and informative reports with our drag-and-drop builder in just​ a few minutes. Our solution offers something for everyone. A novice user can explore intuitive dashboards, a DBA can create SQL queries and views, while a data scientist can apply stochastic models and write advanced python algorithms, our platform will maximize everyone's abilities.




Storing, managing, and reporting information with ensured consistency is crucial for any organization. Emgage’s Educational Reporting and Analytics Data Lake provides this consistency and ensures your success with CEDS. With analytics dashboards, crosswalk capability to link data from a broad variety of sources, workflow management, and data deduplication abilities we can save your staff and data administrators countless hours of work and review, and help them utilize data as efficiently as possible.

Any Data Source 

Connect your data from any system for a compensative and integrated experience. We support just about any data system you can think of, such as PowerSchool, Ellucian Colleague, GIS, MS SQL, Oracle, and more…

Complete Picture

The Emgage Educational Reporting and Analytics Data Lake gathers and incorporates data from divergent sources to provide you with a single source of truth for your institution. No more data silos and blind spots. With our automated data streaming from all your systems, you will have a comprehensive solution for all your institutional data in a single place.

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