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​Emg​age for Education​​

Emgage’s ecosystem of PreK to Higher-Ed solutions help you dream of a world through a connected digital experience for a smarter and better education for your students, faculty, and administration

Common Foundation

Our applications are built on the core of the Application Platform, a robust and integrated set of technologies that enable powerful capabilities in all our applications with a consistent user experience and flexible architecture.

Connected Applications

Each of our applications stands on its own and connects through our application fabric for seamless data integration, processes, and a consistent look and feel.
Our flexible and scalable infrastructure will rapidly grow and change with your as your demands and needs evolve.​

Data Center

Educators, students, parents, and policymakers will have a common and unified place to securely access and explore insightful data to help them plan for improved education and drive amazing results. 

Ecosystem of Innovation​

​Emgage provides an ecosystem of apps tailor-made by experts for businesses just like yours, all built on our innovative Application Platform.

Each app harmoniously works with all the other apps. Your Accounting app talks with your Sales CRM so deals go from “closed” to “invoiced” in minutes.
Each app built on the Emgage Application Platform fits your precise needs while providing unlimited extensibility and flexibility to meet your future needs.
We have apps in every category:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Websites and Portals​
  • Case Management
  • and more..