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If you are wondering whether a Cybersecurity Service Automation (CSA) Platform could help you scale your business, the first step is a free consultation. During our 30 minute call, we’ll

  • get to know your business,
  • identify some of the areas that are most challenging for you right now,
  • and see whether the CSA Platform could help you grow revenue and save time.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to drastically improve your team's productivity. Book a free consultation to explore ways you can make it easier for yourself and your team to deliver more value to your customers.

Your Guide: Justin Barra

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Hi, I'm Justin.

A lot of Cybersecurity Professionals join our consultation calls asking how we can help improve their turn around time with evidence collection and report generation for assessments and audits.

During our call, I focus on understanding your goals and how we can overcome the obstacles in your way.

Lets book a free demo call so I can better understand how Emgage can fit your needs.

What We'll Cover

During Our 30 Minute Free Consultation


We'll get to know your business, and discover more about the goals you're trying to achieve in the next couple of years.


We'll help you identify the most pressing challenges that are standing between you and your goals right now.


We'll show you the platform and see how we can save you time and energy while adding more value to your customers.