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SharePoint User Adoption Increases by 93% with Prime
the employee engagement company

SharePoint User Adoption Increases by 93% with Prime

Discover how Prime increased SharePoint user adoption and improved the user experience. See this great SharePoint site example below:

It helps make our remote employees feel more like part of the team. Having the ability to collaborate with any employee, anywhere was huge for driving SharePoint user adoption with our remote employees and driving collaboration throughout the company. — Bassam Alqassar, VP of Information Services & Technology

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SharePoint site examples Princess House​​​

About the Company

  • Name:

    Princess House
  • Profile:

    Princess House is the leader in the direct selling industry. Their passion is to provide life-changing opportunities to a wide range of women through a people powered business model and the distribution of high quality products.
  • Industry:

  • Employees:

  • Challenges:

    This is an example of an organization that had less than SharePoint user adoption. The user experience was difficult. There were SharePoint design challenges that seemed insurmountable. Internal collaboration between HQ & Remote Employees was failing.
  • Solution:

    Princess House case study is a high end SharePoint site example where the Prime product greatly improved collaboration and drove up SharePoint user adoption company wide. Prime solved the design challenges and increased collaboration.
  • Benefits:

    Employees love using their new SharePoint site. Social engagement between remote and HQ employees increased by over 95% with Prime. The improved look and feel of their site, the easy to adapt and evolve navigation system continues to save their IT department time and money


Princess House case study is a SharePoint site example which illustrates the importance of empowering the business user. To increase SharePoint user adoption Princess House focused on creating a site for the End user. Prime enabled this, unlocking the power of SharePoint allowing them to save hugely on development time and costs. Read their case study below.