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Arvin School Union Increases SharePoint Adoption
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Arvin School Union Increases SharePoint Adoption

Increased SharePoint Adoption of the new School Portal enhanced communication and collaboration between employees and parents.

Installing Prime and Turbo on our new school portal, drastically improved communication between parents and staff. Our internal communication also became simpler and easier. SharePoint Adoption increased greatly because they made it user friendly. — Loyal Anderson, IT Manager

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​School portal increased sharepoint adoption

About the Company

  • Name:

    Arvin Union
  • Profile:

    Arvin Union School District is proud of the progress our staff and students have made integrating technology into their teaching and learning. Their new school portal connects 4 schools and a family and Pre-K resource center together with 3200 students.
  • Industry:

  • Employees:

  • Challenges:

    SharePoint’s inflexible out-of-the-box features were preventing Arvin from seeing increased SharePoint Adoption. Each school site needed to be branded differently with its own identity. Communication between employees and parents was less than optimal.
  • Solution:

    Arvin Union uses Prime and Turbo to successfully brand and optimize every School SharePoint site on their new school portal in a unique way. It also massively improved internal and external communication.
  • Benefits:

    Because it was easy for parents and staff members it resulted in greatly increased SharePoint adoption. The individual sites on the new school portal could be quickly branded without hours spent on development. Parents and staff members are able to interact on sites with any mobile device


The best school's function in a holistic fashion connecting parents, teachers, administrators and students together in a safe and empowering fashion. Arvin District successfully used both Prime and Turbo to create a new school portal that facilated this interconnectivity in a manner that has greatly benefited the students. To see how we increased SharePoint Adoption for Arvin Schools in greater detail, download the case study below.