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Hospitality giant gets responsive mobile intranet at 10% of typical cost
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Hospitality giant gets responsive mobile intranet at 10% of typical cost

Their responsive mobile intranet greatly increased collaboration and productivity

Unlike the other hospitality technology solutions we considered, Emgage was extremely accommodating, even when we had to make a strategic shift part way through the project. — Jason Shane, Senior Director of IT

​​​​​​​​HHM responsive mobile intranet

About the Company

  • Name:

    Hersha Hospitality Management (HHM)
  • Profile:

    A full scale hospitality management company comprised of over 4,300 employees, whose work by its very nature is mobile, HHM is an innovative leader in hotel management and development. They are at the cutting edge of technology in hospitality.
  • Industry:

  • Employees:

  • Challenges:

    When they came to us HHM lacked a responsive mobile intranet. As a result they were underperforming with their hospitality technology, resulting in low adoption rates and decreased collaboration.
  • Solution:

    Prime provided Hersha Hospitality Management with a reponsive mobile intranet that was stylish and easy to use. An Intranet that looked and worked well on mobile and did not require hours of coding to build and maintain.
  • Benefits:

    Mobile visits to the site are now visually pleasing and their responsive mobile friendly Intranet is super easy to navigate around. As a result there is greatly increasing collaboration and productivity. The project cost only 10 percent of the alternative approaches they considered. It has also allowed multiple content publishers to publish to the site, eliminating time consuming IT bottlenecks with publishing. Their site is at the forefront of technology in the hospitality industry.


HHM giant knew that a responsive mobile intranet was the way of the future. As a hospitality technology leader they knew that they needed an Intranet that their employees could access quickly and easily as they went about their work. The HHM case study below clearly highlights the benefits HHM experienced in having a responsive mobile intranet, and it also illustrates the fact that it doesn't have to soak up your entire budget either.