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BPM Solutions allow Audubon to reduce onboarding costs
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BPM Solutions allow Audubon to reduce onboarding costs

An industry leader innovates the new hire onboarding process using Emgage's BPM solution product Turbo.

We are pleasantly surprised at the time and cost savings that we have seen with this BPM solution. With your BPM solutions we are projecting that our new hire onboarding costs will be reduced by at least 75%. — David Tucker, Director of HR

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​BPM solution for new hire onboarding

About the Company

  • Name:

    Audubon Engineering
  • Profile:

    Audubon Companies is a global provider of EPCM services for the oil & gas, petrochemical, refining, and pipeline markets. With experience and talent, they have three affiliates – Audubon Engineering Solutions, Audubon Field Solutions, and Affinity.
  • Industry:

  • Employees:

  • Challenges:

    Audubon had complex business rules and a small IT team, with a limited SharePoint knowledge base and long project timelines. They did not have the time and human resources required to develop their own BPM solution to meet new hire onboarding challenges.
  • Solution:

    Audubon utilized TURBO Workflow App Builder to quickly and effectively create sophisticated BPM solutions without any coding or consultants. This allowed them to very quickly reduce new hire onboarding costs, making their business more efficient.
  • Benefits:

    Turbo provided them with a BPM solution in less than two weeks. With the help of Turbo a new hire onboarding solution was created and implemented by their internal IT staff, 94 percent under their forecasted budget. Secondly, they quickly used Turbo to create other BPM solutions. Quickly adding HSE, Finance and QA business applications. Everything was created with Turbo without any coding coding or consultants.


Before Audubon started using our Turbo product they were in serious need of BPM solutions that were easy to use, and that also gave them the added flexibility of being able utilize similiar workflow apps for other critical processors. Their primary challenge was that their new hire onboarding process was taking far too long. In less than two weeks, they had onboarded our Turbo product and they were implementing at an astounding 94% under budget.