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Task and Work


Use our Work Management service to manage anything from a simple “to-do” list to complex projects with dependencies, teams and deliverables.


Project Management

Allow your team to work on their projects in a single place to stay connected and organized.
Emgage’s service supports various project management models like Agile, Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum etc.
Easily integrate with workflows, use role assignments, manage dependencies and visualize your data and reports.



Custom Dashboards

Our fully customizable no-code service allows your to build perfect boards and workflows for your team aligned with day-to-day work. Measure your objectives efficiently, create accountability, and know what you should be working on.


Use automatically updating data dashboards to visualize information gathered from multiple boards.
Measure your velocity, lead time and output by visualizing your data to make informed decisions to increase efficiency and productivity.

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