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Provide your users with articles and guided tutorials for your application, and seamlessly organize and resolve user issues and requests.

Knowledge Base and Ticketing

Create a knowledge base, and custom interactive guides to instantly guide your users with helpful and relevant solutions within the pages they are viewing by utilizing widgets and creating customer paths and walkthroughs. Easily convert customer issues into tickets so not a single conversation gets lost and all of your customers feel valued. Emgage’s support tool allows for seamless team collaboration and optimizes productivity. Assign tickets, search for keywords, filter on specific properties, and set priorities for a smooth ticketing process.


Omnichannel Support

Emgage supports email, chat, and social media for a seamless service across multiple channels, both digital and traditional, to meet your customers where they’re at.


Performance Metrics

Monitor helpdesk performance and support article usefulness by reviewing the number of views and likes and dislikes, and allowing instant user feedback on articles.
Create Dashboards and custom reports to review real-time data about trends, tickets, support agents, and groups, to identify new ways to form better user experiences.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Data safety is our highest concern. We offer state-of-the-art security protocols, multi-factor authentication, security logs, encryption, and are compliant with PCI, HIPAA, SOC II, and GDPR.

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