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Electronic Signatures

Our powerful Electronic Signature tool allows you to keep track of who has signed, opened, or approved a document. Create an online paper trail that is more legally defensible than wet-ink signatures.

Paperless Workflow

You no longer need to meet in person, print, scan or find a pen. You can enable signing wherever and whenever you want. Uploading and sharing documents for signing is easy and safe, and increases collaboration while speeding up your projects.

Workflow Tracking

Keep track of who has signed, opened, or approved a document, check signing statuses, and move your projects along with effortless reminders. The need for faxing and overnighting is completely removed by our effortless Electronic Signature tool. Save yourself money and time.

Enhanced Security

Electronic Signatures come with an electronic record to provide proof of the transaction and an audit trail.
After signing is completed the record will be digitally sealed by use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which is industry-standard technology. The seal will indicate that the document has not been tampered with and that the signature is valid.

Signature Identity Verification

Many validations can be used to validate the identity of the signers. Email addresses used in the invitation can be compared to the email address entered by the signer, one-time passcodes can be provided by the sender or through phone calls or SMS, or ID verification can be required.

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