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Machine Learning

Utilize our intuitive machine learning capabilities to identify insights, predict failures, and improve all aspects of your business.

Models and Datasets

Emgage offers a large selection of pre-trained ML models and datasets in a wide range of computer science disciplines that will allow you to get started quickly. Simply hop in, start fine-tuning and deploy them when you see fit. These ML models will allow you to easily identify trends, optimize for specific outcomes, spot problems early on, detect anomalies, and segment, enrich, and enhance your content.

Actionable Insights

Our platform will digest your structured and unstructured to uncover actionable insights to enable you to make valuable, smarter decisions for your business in real-time.
Eliminate human bias and save your team many hours reading and interpreting data and feedback.


For Beginners and Experts

Emgage’s Machine Learning tool is designed for both businesses that have no previous experience in data science, as well as ones that consider themselves experts. Easily deliver digestible and actionable insights through our reliable, fast, and secure platform. As a beginner, you can start creating models by placing blocks together. Or, if you already have some experience building ML models you can use our APIs to perform advanced research, create classes, custom layers, and training loops through our define-by-run interface.



Enterprise-Grade Security

Data safety is our highest concern. We offer state-of-the-art security protocols, multi-factor authentication, security logs, encryption, and are compliant with PCI, HIPAA, SOC II, and GDPR.

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