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Rapid and Powerful Form Builder 

So many things to consider. So many ideas and features you want to implement. How do you build everything you desire in a cost-constrained environment? On top of that, how do you deal with ongoing maintenance or new features? What happens if the IT staff you employed to build and manage it all decide to leave? 

A no-code environment like Emgage’s Form Builder, allows you, the expert in your field and the person with the ideas to implement things exactly as you want while skipping years of learning how to write code. 

Or, if you are a developer a platform like Emgage’s allows you to build quicker than ever before. No-code can turn into low-code. If you desire to dive into the code base and make some edits yourself, you absolutely can. The platform will just do all the hard work for you.

Emgage’s Rapid Application Development Platform

No-code development has never been so feature-packed and easy!

Simple Forms or Elaborate Workflows

Easily build simple reusable forms, or create sophisticated business rules and processes to add workflows to your forms. Our Drag and Drop Forms builder empowers you to build functional forms for internal and external use, with features like payment processing and Electronic Signatures.

All The Latest Tech

Modernize legacy forms by replacing old and stagnant systems that are not meeting the needs for mobility, performance and maintainability. Reduce reliance on expensive developers that require complex tools like Visual Studio.

Build Once, Use Anywhere

Our Forms Solution simplifies the building of forms that run smoothly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones without having to worry about compatibility, deployment or maintenance.

Improved Governance and Security

Don’t lose sleep worrying about your business critical forms. Take control of your environment with our fine-grained governance, access management and auditing capabilities.

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