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Fast and Secure Dataflow and Sync Service

Moving Data At the Speed of Business

The only multi-cloud service that unites data integration and governance with your application stack.

  • Data Integration across 80+ Sources for a Complete Picture of Your Organization
  • Data Integrity and Governance for a Peace of Mind to Proceed Confidently
  • Application and API Integration with Consistent and Intuitive User Experience
  • Data Provenance so you never have to second-guess the Authenticity of Your Data
  • Loss Tolerance and Enrichment because Every Bit is Critical for the Big Picture

High Throughput

Deliver data at high throughput using our autoscaling cluster of workload processors with latencies as low as 2ms.



Scale production data up to a thousand workload processors, trillions of records per day, petabytes of data, hundreds of thousands of partitions. 

Mission Critical

Support mission-critical use cases with guaranteed ordering, zero message loss, and efficient exactly-once processing.


High Availability

Stretch workloads efficiently over availability zones or connect separate workloads across geographic regions.

Built-In Flow Processing

Process flow of data and events with joins, aggregations, filters, transformations, and more, using event-time and provable processing.

Connect to Anything

Emgage’s out-of-the-box connections integrate with hundreds of data and event sources including SQL, Postgres, JMS, Elasticsearch, AWS S3, and more.

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