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AppServices: Search Engine
the employee engagement company

​Search Eve​rything

Easily implement powerful, modern search experiences. Quickly add search to your application. Search, prioritize and refine results with ease

​​Curated Search Experiences

Create curated experiences to bring focus to your content. Refine results with intuitive dashboards. Leverage the seamless scalability, tunable relevance controls, and robust analytics to build a leading search experience with ease.​


​Geographic Search

Our Search Service empowers you to search within geographic areas based on address, longitude/latitude, geopoints, and geolines.

Integrate with popular GIS systems to create a rich and exploratory search experience

Faceted Sear​​ch

Enrich your search experience with insightful search facets to guide the user and provide instant feedback on available results.
Connect your data and automatically apply faceted search in minutes
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​Advanced Quer​y Builder

You don't have to choose between a simple search and advanced queries. With our Query Builder, you can easily create​, save and explore advanced search with complex conditions and group results using AND/OR logic

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