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AppServices: Branding
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​Branding has never been easier...

​​​Branding your intranet should not take months and it certainly shouldn't require hours ​and hours of coding and consulting​. Emgage makes it simple, offering you an intuitive branding tool that allows you to change the look and feel of any site in minutes.

Branding SharePoint Sites with Prime 


Introducing Emgage's​ Stylizer Tool

While others offer you a small number of inflexible templates to design your site, Emgage goes much further. The unique Stylizer Tool unlocks your power to customize, allowing you to completely ​match your site to your corporate brand. No coding is required, making the branding process extremely simple for a Site Admin or a Marketing manager.

How to design a SharePoint Site 


The Best No-code/low-code Designer Alternative

Many designers are clunky, inflexible and difficult to use, you will almost certainly​ invest a large number of development hours (and dollars), only to get an inferior look and feel that cannot be changed or updated easily.

Emgage is the premiere Intranet Designer alternative on the market, allowing you to instantly change the look and feel of your Intranet, Extranet or forward facing website in a manner of minutes.

Designing a Site with Emgage

Emgage's enhanced branding capabilities can be used to transform any site. (See Accord's Website Example)​​.

Emgage simplifies the painful branding process. It allows you to design and brand multiple intranet sites and subsites in minutes. Say goodbye to extremely time consuming, frustrating and inflexible design constraints.

No coding or costly development required with Emgage. Period.


Branding That Looks Good on Every Device

There is nothing worse than investing time and resource into having a highly branded site, only to find that it looks terrible on mobile devices. Emgage maintains the integrity of your branding across all devices with its highly responsive design features, ensuring that your sites look exactly the same on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Designing a SharePoint Site 


Branded Menu Options

Many of our clients have used this feature to brand their menus so that their product brands are also visually reflected on their site. Emgage offers you a variety of menu options from global navigation, to MegaMe​nus​ to Drop Down Menus and MyLinks. One of the best features of Prime is that allows you to make your navigation visual, using images and even videos within the navigation.

SharePoint Designer Alternatives 


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