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Records Management for Business
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Electronic Records Management

So many files, how do you keep track?

 In this day and age, we produce more information than ever before. Just consider the number of files your organization creates, edits, and shares in a single day. Yes, I'm sure it's a lot. Now, please go ahead and consider all the different types of files that are being handled; Image files, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Pdf, audio files, video files, and even physical records. That is A LOT of files to store, organize and track. Can you confidently say you're not losing track of any documents on a daily basis? Good records management is integral for efficient business operations. The larger your organization is, the harder it is to keep track of all your documents.​

Built on top of our Application Platform, Emgage ERM empowers you to keep track of all those different types of documents in a single place, in the cloud, or on-premise.​​


The Emgage ERM Solution​

​Record Management has never been so feature-packed and easy!​

Powerful Document Management

Powerful document management capabilities to upload and scan documents for clients or staff.​

  • Easily download, delete, copy and share your documents​.
  • Rich document governance to support various regulations.
  • Workflow and processes builder to safely collaborate with clients or other departments.
  • Advanced Machine Learning to identify and validate documents.
  • Document signing with legally compliant electronic signatures.​

Centralized Database

A centralized place to collect, organize and report on all activities with clients and businesses.

  • Create and manage various “Content Stores.”
  • Easily create "Item Label Formulas" to automate your "Item Labels" to classify your files.
  • Audit Trails to track all changes by viewing "Modification Timestamps" and previous "File Versions".
  • T​rack all communications with clients and other businesses to improve service delivery.

​Data Sync

Connect your data from any system for a compensative and integrated experience. We support just about any data system you can think of.

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Fla-file systems
  • Infor
  • GIS Info Systems
  • Oracle Databases
  • REST Web Services​

Multilanguage support

Create content for any language to meet the needs of your diverse constituents.

  • Automatically detect language settings and present content in their language of choice.
  • Integrate with professional content translation services.
  • Support XLIFF content localization standards.​​

​​​Elaborate Access & Permissions Settings

Elaborate but intuitive Permission Settings to ensure optimal security and control over your documents.

  • Easily establish permissions to Create, View, and Modify.
  • Define internal and external access to documents.
  • Easily provide an entire external domain with access to documents so you don't need to authenticate giant email lists one by one.​​

​And so much more!


• Excellent Support and Training       ​​• Sleek, Simple, and User-Friendly Design  ​​​  
​• API Integration  ​• Mobile Friendly
​• Templates for File Structures    ​• Encrypted Connections



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